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About Us

The founder of Clean & Green, Christian Saab is a second generation in the textiles industry.

George & Christian are members of the ENAMTCRS (European & North American Master Textile Cleaning & Restoration Specialist) and IICRC Master Cleaning Technician.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Clean & Green is one of Western Canada's most respected environmentally friendly and technologically advanced firm that apply the latest and toughest restrictions in the cleaning solutions chemistry and electric truck-mount cleaning equipment.

Our balanced chemistry allow very minimum residue left behind, prolongs the life of the fibers and enhance the appearance.

Our electric truck mount insure clean indoor air quality, traditional truck-mount systems are unable to get the vacuum & heat required because of the distances the equipment must cover. This can create extended drying times and leave chemical residues in the carpet due to inferior extraction, which can contribute to unhealthy indoor air quality.

It is increasingly more difficult to find sanitation dumps that are open late into the evening. Some service providers have been discovered dumping wastewater onto the street and into the storm sewers. By not specifying and monitoring where the wastewater is to be dumped, building owners, as well as the contractor, are liable to be fined.
An electric truck-mount safely dumps recovered wastewater into an approved location allowing the city sanitation system to effectively process the wastewater.

Local bylaws prohibit running very loud commercial truck-mount units late into the evening. Bylaw enforcement has stopped these sites from operating and has ticketed the offenders.
Electric truck-mount units are virtually noise free and can be run in commercial or residential areas at any time plus no pollution from running engines.

Our non commissioned certified technicians are highly educated in the cleaning solution chemistry and in the construction of natural and synthetic fibres, they exceed all industry requirements therefore your carpet, area rugs and upholstery will look brighter, smell fresher, feel softer and stay cleaner longer.

We always estimate all jobs ahead of time therefore our clients will know what to expect ahead of time ( no switch and bait tactics).

Our track record includes high profile and professional clientele in both residential and commercial sector with names such as LIBERTY Furniture, UA Upholstery Arts, Fletchers FABRICARE , BAYSIDE FURNITURE, SALMON'S TRANSFER, The Cross Decor & Design & , T.V. shows Crash Test Momys and many other stores, movie production that require unique and delicate service.

George appeared on broadcast television shows to help promote health awarness and cleaning tips (breakfast television)...see tips

Our mission is to create a clean and healthy indoor environment, serve our client with highest of standards, integrity and ethics. Help our community in a non-polluting, secure, safe and quite fashion.

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