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  • Bayside furniture
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    "Clean & Green have been cleaning the carpet, area rugs and upholstery at the Hard Rock Cafe since Jan. 1996. We always had excellent, prompt, courteous service. I would highly recommend Clean & Green to anyone."
    Micheal Kolody- General Manager, Hard Rock Cafe, Van., BC

    "We have employed Clean & Green since june 1996. We have always been satisfied with Clean & Green and plan to continue using and recommending them."
    Lia de Groot- General Manger, Rodier, Vanc., BC

    "Clean & Green have been providing us with an excellent service since 1997, we continue to use and recommend Clean & Green."
    B. Kelly, Vanc., BC

    I was told by the best professional clearners (Fletchers Farbricare)
    that they could not do anything for my slipcover. Blueberry port wine had been spilled on it (seating area and skirt) and and to make matters worse, I felt compelled to "do something" and covered the spill with Kleen Glow, which left a thick white paste with brownish stains underneath it. What a mess! Fletchers suggested that I call you, and then you did your magic! The stains were completely and absolutely gone.
    Thank you, thank you Clean & Green!
    Nicole O'Brien
    Sencorp Capital Ltd.

    I have always been happy with the work done by Clean & Green but on a recent job they really provided the "Wow" factor. I had reluctantly asked Christian to try to clean the rug in my son\'s rental apartment - three years of Art school and late night parties had taken a toll. I was worried the carpets would have to be replaced. After a quick inspection Christian told me to come back in an hour and a half and he would "impress me". Skeptical but hopeful, I
    left. When I returned I was more than impressed - I was speechless. The carpets looked better than they had three years ago when my son moved in! These are true master cleaners. I wish I had taken pictures.
    Roslyn Goldner, Vanc., BC

    "On behalf of Salmon's trasnfer Ltd., we would like to sincerely thank you for your continuous and reliable support. Without the excellent services you have provided our company over the years, we would be unable to satisfy the needs of our customers."
    Doug J. Kellough- President and General Manager, Salmon's trasnfer, Rich., BC

    "Clean & Green cleaned our carpet, area rug and upholstery last year. They did an excellent cleaning and I will certainly use and recommend them."
    Sue Singer- President, PICA, Vanc., BC

    "Thank you Clean & Green for all your wonderful services to maintain our building inside out."
    Lucy Ramsy- Manager, Galloway Bottselle & Co., Van., BC

    "Clean & Green have been cleaning and caring for our upholstery, area rugs and off-white carpet which needs constant care as this is a family of small children and pets. We highly recommend Clean & Green to anyone. Their advertisement is true, "We serve with the highest of standards & ethics".

    "Many thanks for a job well done in helping us to restore the carpet and remove the stains and odours to like new condition in our condo. We will continue to use and recommend Clean & Green."
    Tom Hawton, Maple Ridge, BC

    "I feel extremely lucky to find such a firm and I can not thank you enough on how you saved and had my belgium silk antique 16th century chaise lounge/ bed restored after it was ruined while being cleaned by the best cleaning firm in Europe."
    J. Meirelbeke, Duinbergen, Belguim

    "My Husband and I recently moved from Winnipeg, Manitoba and had an unfortunate experience with the move which resulted in problems, the major one being dirt and grease on our cream coloured furniture. We understand that Salmon's Transfer was the Company responsible for hiring George & Christian Saab of Clean & Green Upholstery Care to carry out the cleaning for us.
    We would like to let you know that he did a very good job for us and They were very courteous and professional. They also provided us with tips on the future maintenance of the furniture which was helpful. During the visit, we noticed further cleaning problems that went unnoticed earlier with bedroom mattresses and they very kindly attended to clean them for us at no extra charge.
    We would like to thank Atlas and Salmon's for their quick response to our claim. Thank you Clean & Green for a job well done and superb service."
    K. Hayes, North Vanc,, BC

  • Our mission is to create a clean and healthy indoor environment, serve our client with highest of standards, integrity and ethics. Help our community in a non-polluting, secure, safe and quite fashion.